Shakeology Discount

Shakeology Discount – I am about to show you how, step by step, you can get your Shakeology at THE BEST possible price!
Are you currently paying retail for Shakeology? If you are paying $119/month, then yes, you are paying retail, and not receiving any Shakeology Discount. Even at that price, you are getting a lot for your money. Thankfully though, you can save on Shakeology, and get more for your money.

How To Get A Shakeology Discount?

Chick Here for your Shakeology DiscountThere are 2 ways to get a Shakeology Discount. The first discount that I will cover is what I believe to be best way to go.  This is the 25% Shakeology Discount.  You receive this by signing up as a Team Beachbody Coach.  If you are paying full price, you are spending $4/day for Shakeology. In reality, that is not bad at all, considering the quality of the product and the benefits. People spend more on lattes that are harming them.  Why not spend it on improving your health with the healthiest meal of the day?  The Shakeology Discount for becoming a coach will save you OVER $150/year, with the potential to save much more.

CLICK HERE to get signed up as a Team Beachbody coach. The cost to get started is $39.95 for month 1, and $14.95 per month after that.  While you are paying more total in month 1 then you would if you just ordered Shakeology, by month 2, you will have saved just over $5.  After that, you will be saving over $15 per month, and getting a Shakeology Discount of over $150/year!Get a 25% Shakeology Discount Here

I mentioned that there is potential to save even more.  Here is how you can take your Shakeology Discount to a whole new level.  Now that you are a coach, you can refer others to Shakeology. Chances are that if you are already using Shakeology, you have probably already recommended it to others. You can be getting paid for that. In fact,for every customer that you get on home direct, you will receive about $30, every month that they get Shakeology. Now you are really getting “Discount Shakeology“. Sign up 1, 2, 3 or more. Sign up 3 and that is covering your $89 price. Now you are paying only the $14/month for your websites.  Refer a forth person and you getting paid to drink Shakeology!

Not a bad Shakeology Discount, right?

Once you get started, and start sharing your success, you’ll be amazed how many people start asking about Shakeology. Now, you can promote the Shakeology Discount to them, bring them aboard as a Team Beachbody Coach on your team, and they can start getting Discount Shakeology, and helping you not only cover the cost of your shakeology and business fee, but you can start making a serious income!  If you are not interested in becoming a coach to get your 25% Shakeology Discount, there is another way to save.Shakeology Discount - Save 25%

The 10% Shakeology Discount

If you are not looking to save the 25% by Becoming A Team Beachbody Coach, you can save 10% by signing up for a Beachbody VIP Account.  This one is simple.  By joining the VIP club, which is about $12/month, you will save 10% on, not only Shakeology, but all of the Team Beachbody products.  You will save much more by becoming a coach, but this is another way to save.  To get your 10% Shakeology Discount, CLICK HERE!

A question that I get a lot if, why does Shakeology cost so much?  I usually answer that question with another question.  How much do you spend on coffee each day?  Some of the coffee shops out there charge over $5/cup.  The amount of work that goes into creating Shakeology, along with the fact that it is possibly the healthiest think you will ever comsume.  If you tried to create anything anywhere near Shakeology, you would be spending a minimum of 3 times what a glass costs you.  So, not only is are you already getting an incredible amount for your money paying retail, you can take advantage of either the 10% Shakeology Discount, or the 25% Shakeology Discount.


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