How Much Does Shakeology Cost Per Month

How much does Shakeology cost per month?  There are 3 different answers, depending on if you are receiving any discounts are not.  Most people do not realize that you can save on Shakeology, but you can actually end up saving over $150/year.  Let’s look at the 3 different options, and you can decide which way you want to get your Shakeology.

The Retail Cost Of Shakeology Per Month

If you are just looking to order Shakeology, you will be paying $119.95 per month.  Basically, you are paying $4 per day.  A lot of people see that and are stunned.  Isn’t that a little expensive for a drink?  Think about what you pay for a latte.  You are paying the same price, except Shakeology is a 10x greater value.  If you do not want to learn about the Shakeology Discounts, you can order now, and you will pay $119.96 per month for Shakeology.


Like I said before, there are 3 different ways to get Shakeology.  The first is as a retail customer, which is where you par the $119.95 per month.  Let’s take a look at the first discount, which is for VIP Club Members.

How Much Is Shakeology Per Month For VIP Club Members?

Club members save 10% off Shakeology, along with all of the Beachbody fitness programs.  That means that instead of paying retail, you pay about $108 per month.  An important note here is that the club membership costs $2.99 per week, so you are basically using what you save on Shakeology to pay for the membership.  This is a very popular option, since it basically gives people the VIP Club membership, which has incredible benefits, for free.  To get signed up for you VIP Membership right now, just CLICK HERE.  If you are interested in learning how to really save, and even get Shakeology for FREE, KEEP READING.


The biggest discount is available on Shakeology is the Coach discount.  This is where you really save big, and even have the potential to get Shakeology for free!  So, how much does Shakeology cost per month for coaches?  $89.96 Per Month!  Oh yea, and the possibility of saving even more.  Let me explain.  As a coach, you not only receive a discount of 25% off Shakeology, along with all of the Beachbody fitness programs.  You also earn a very generous 25% commission on any products or programs that you refer people to, including Shakeology.  So, if you refer a friend or family member to Shakeology, you will earn a commission or about $30.  That is not a 1 time, deal.  You receive that commission every month that they get it.  So, you are paying about $90 per month for Shakeology, and you just made $30 back, bringing your total to $60.  Refer another person, make another $30, now it is like you are only paying $30 per month.  Refer a 3rd, now you a making back $90, and it is like you are getting your Shakeology for FREE.  Keep referring, and now you are actually making money!  So, to answer the question, “How much does Shakeology cost per month“,  it is basically $120/month retail, $108 per month for VIP Club Members, and Coaches “officially” pay $90, but can end up getting it for free, or even making money.

But Joe, doesn’t it cost money to become a coach?  Unless you are Active Military, yes.  If you are active military, be sure to check out the Military Discount page.  OK, back to the coaching fees.  Yes, it does cost money to become a coach, but even with the fees included, if you do nothing but sign up and order your Shakeology, you will still save over $150 per year.  You pay a total of about $200/year for your starter kit, and monthly cost to run your sites and back office.  You are saving almost $360 per year on your Shakology, meaning that even with the fees, you save about $155 per year over the retail cost.  Not a bad deal at all.  And of course, remember the potential if you refer others.  So, if you are interested in becoming a coach 


If you are not looking to receive one of the discount, and just want to pay the retail $119.95 per month for Shakeology, then you just need to

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