Military Discount

Are YOU Active Military or a Veteran?

Team Beachbody , along with Team Beachbody Coach Joe Malone, want to say “Thank You”.   Right now,  Start YOUR OWN Team Beachbody Business FOR FREE!  That’s Right, ALL of the coaching fees are waived!  This incredible discount is ONLY available to Active Military and veterans, and is a small gesture from Beachbody and their coaches.  


Starter kit to become a coach, $39.95          YOUR COST – FREE!

Monthly business service fee   $14.95          YOUR COST – FREE!

What Does It Mean To Become A Team Beachbody Coach?

QUICK PEEK – Benefits Of Becoming A Team Beachbody Coach

  1. Save 25% on ALL Beachbody fitness programs, along with Shakeology!
  2. Earn generous 25% commissions if you refer anybody to a Beachbody program!
  3. Help people get into the best shape of their lives!
  4. Even if you have NO interest in building a Team Beachbody business as a coach, you can simply sign up as a coach, still save the 25% on your Beachbody purchases, and leave it at that!

If you  have been looking to become a coach, this is the perfect time!  But what if you don’t want to be a coach, you just want to be a customer.  All coaches receive a 25% discount on the fitness programs, along with a 25% Shakeology Discount.  If you do not want to build a Beachbody business, just sign up as a coach, you don’t pay anything with the Military Discount, and then you save the 25%.

How To Become A Team Beachbody Coach

There are 2 ways to get started!

Option #1 is to sign up as a coach online, which you can do by CLICKING HERE.  When you sign up online, you will need to initially pay the $39 start up fee.  Then, send either a copy of your orders or your military ID to Team Beachbody.  Once they have proof that you are active military, they will refund your $39, and you will not be charged the $14.95 monthly fee to run your websites.

Option #2 is to fill out an application, and either secure fax it or email it to Coach Relations with a copy of your orders or ID.  Here are the steps to get signed up this way.

  1. Fill out the coach application, which can be found HERE.  The only thing that needs to be written in on spondor side is the ID Number, which is 66309
  2. If you are faxing your application in, you also want the fax cover sheet, which you need to grab HERE  You must send the cover sheet, the completed application, and a copy of your orders or ID to Coach Relations at (213) 201-7225.  Once they have the proof that you are active they will activate you membership, and you are now an official Team Beachbody coach.
  3. If you are emailing in your information, you do not need the fax cover sheet.  Just send the completed application, along with a copy of your orders or ID to  Again, once they approve you, you become an official Team Beachbody Coach.  If you have any question, email me at

 If you want to become a Team Beachbody Coach NOW, CLICK HERE

Again, I would like to say Thank You for what you are doing.  You have made a commitment to serve our country, and it is truly appreciated.  The very least that I can do is help you build you Team Beachbody business.  I would be honored to have you join my team, and Team Beachbody is honored to have you join their company.  Again, is you have any questions about getting started, email me at

Would you like to meet some of the other Team Beachbody Coaches?

After watching the videos above, you hopefully realize that you make a difference in a lot of lives as a Team Beachbody Coach.  If you are still not sure that you want to get started, here is 1 more video for you to watch.  This video gets more into what you actually do as a Team Beachbody Coach, and also, how you make money.  After you watch it, CONTACT ME if you have any questions, or GET SIGNED UP!!


  1. I’m in the army infantry an am looking for something to do with all my down time and make some more money. Fitness is what I love. My goal is to be a personal trainer when I get out. I’d like to know more.

    • Jeremiah, shoot me an email at with your number and we can talk over the details. Basically, you can start your business for nothing, and help other people that you serve with get started, also free if they are active. There is a lot of potential.

  2. hello , i seen that this was free for military, but when i went to sign up , it said i had to pay so am i doing somthing wrong or what. if u could email me back . thank you

    • Hey Michael. First of all, thank you for serving our country. I really do appreciate everything that our troops do for us. It is free for active military, and there are 2 ways to go about getting signed up.
      1 – You can sign up, pay the $39, and then send them your military info. I believe you just need to fax them a copy of your military ID or orders. They will then refund the $39, and you will not be charged the $14.95 a month for your business. This is the fastest way to get started, and you can do it at

      2 -You can submit and application with your military info. They will approve it, and then sign you up once it is cleared. You need to print and mail, or fax the application. You can download a blank one at You will also need part of it filled out by me. I already completed that page, so you can get that one at Just fax them in with the ID or orders, and that will get things going.
      This way takes longer to get started, but either way works.

      The fax number for Coach Relations, which is where you need to send the info is (213) 201-7225
      Also, you can call coach relations at 1800 – 240 – 0913. You will need my coach ID number when you sign up, which is 66309. You can also call me, Joe Malone, at 518-253-4985. I am working until 6, so anytime after that is good, or just leave a message if you call earlier. If you have any questions, please let me know. This is a great opportunity, and I look forward to working with you.

  3. Can reservist especially those like me you have been active more than reserves in last 10 years get this discount? I’ll put it this way, if I got 1% off for every trip to the Middle East I’ve made I would shop free at beach body. :) I’m not interested in being a coach (right now) because I don’t have the time to put into it but with as much as I buy for Beachbody, the discount would be very helpful. If we are not included, I hope this is something you will consider. The Reserves carry a large portion of the burden; however, I do not diminish to work of your active duty brothers and sister, they are awesome and I love the experiences I’ve had working with them

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