The Paleo Diet VS The Vegan Diet

It is amazing that people can insist that their diet works best, and then another diet makes the same claims, but it on the extreme opposite side of the spectrum.  Let’s look at The Paleo Diet and The Vegan Diet, and see which is best.

The Paleo Diet

The Paleo Diet, which has been gaining popularity in recent years, has it’s primary focus on eating meats, fruits and vegetables.  The thoughts behind the diet are actually very interesting.  They claim that since grains are made from the seeds of plants, and the seeds are technically the reproductive component of the plant, it does not make sense that they would be something that other species should be eating.  If that were the case, they would go extinct.  Some might argue, “Then why are the plants themselves edible”?  This is one of the big arguments against The Paleo Diet.

Another major “no no” in The Paleo Diet is dairy.  Several studies have shown that diary products also spike insulin levels, similar to the way white bread does.  Many people say that the benefits of diary, such as the quality nutrients, out weight the affect on insulin levels.

OK, so you know that The Paleo Diet basically says no to dairy and grains, leaving you with a diet made up primarily of meat, fruits and vegetables.  Now, remember that their are people that claim this diet has changed their lives, and is the healthiest way to go.  Remember that, and keep reading.

The Vegan Diet

The Vegan Diet (which is considered more of a lifestyle) is also growing in popularity.  This diet is similar to The Paleo Diet in the aspects of promoting fruits and vegetables, and staying away from dairy, but other than that, these diets are very different.  The Vegan Diet says no to meat, which is one of the primary components of The Paleo Diet.  How can one diet say meat is a huge component of it, and another that says you can not eat meat both claim to be the best.  Those are pretty extreme differences.  More than no meat, The Vegan Diet avoids all animal products.  From what I have seen, more people become vegan because of their beliefs about harming animals, and not for the nutritional benefits.  It can be very difficult to get all of your required nutrients as a vegan.  Protein in particular, is often lacking in the vegan diet.  When vegans are careful though, they are able to pull it off, and there have been incredible claims about people curing diseases, and getting into the best shape of their lives.  The best protein source that I have seen for vegans is Vegan Shakeology

Personally, I am neither a vegan, nor do I follow The Paleo Diet.  I am an advocate for healthy living though, and that is why I want to lay out the facts about both diets, and set the record straight.  The truth is that the major thing that The Paleo Diet and The Vegan Diet have in common is often very overlooked.  Major reason that people have changed their lives with BOTH diets is that they are avoiding the garbage that most of us eat.  They are staying away from highly processes, bleached, greasy garbage that most of us eat for almost every meal.   I went to school with a kid that reversed his diabetes but using The Paleo Diet.  I have also heard many of the same claims from vegans.  How is that possible?  It’s simple.  The garbage that most of us eat, white breads, processed and sugary snacks, grease soaked everything, are not only full of empty calories (calories with but no nutrition value, like alcohol) they are all very high on The Glycemis Index.  The higher a food is on the GI, the more it causes fluctuations in your blood sugar.  Stick with low GI foods, such as Shakeology, and you see amazing changes in your health.  This is an extremely effective way to not only lose weight, but to also fight diabetes.  Check out my Shakeology Discount.

In summary…..Whether you are a vegan, or your are an advocate for The Paleo Diet, you are doing more for your health than the average person.  You are cutting out the garbage that makes up the majority of the American diet.  My personal philosophy is that limiting your nutritional intake by eliminating meats, or grains, is not the best way to go.  Just be smart.  If you are eating meat, keep it lean, and don’t fry it.  If you are eating grains, stay away from the processed junk.  Jack LeLanne, one of the most influential people in the fitness world, had a great philosophy.  If man made it, don’t eat it.  While this is ideal, it is not an easy thing to accomplish.  Since 99.999999999% if people could never pull this off (including myself), just remember to eat smart, get your exercise, and do what you can to take care of your body.  You only get 1!


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