Where To Buy Shakeology In Canada

Where To Buy Shakeology In Canada

If you are looking to Buy Shakeology In Canada, you are going to LOVE this!  Team Beachbody has just opened in Canada!  That means that you can get Shakeology from yourself!  Let me explain.

Now that Canadians can become Team Beachbody Coaches, they can take advantage of HUGE benefits.  The first is the 25% DISCOUNT that coaches receive.  This applies to all of the fitness programs, along with The Ultimate Reset and Shakeology.  So, not only can you simply order Shakeology from yourself, but you save 25% on it.

Next, you can earn money by referring other people to the products, along with the coaching opportunity.  How much?  You earn an incredible 25% commission on sales.  So, when somebody asks about Where To Buy Shakeology In Canada, you can answer, “From Me”!  IMPORTANT – You do not need to buy a bunch of products, and then sell them to people that are interested.  You simply refer them to your website (Beachbody gives you 3 when you become a coach), and when they buy, YOU earn!


If you are not interested in becoming a coach, and you are still wondering Where To Buy Shakeology In Canada, you can order online by CLICKING HERE!

If you decide that you like it, and you want to continue drinking Shakeology, you can save a lot of money by ordering through yourself.  Yes, there is a fee to become a coach.  You pay $40 to get signed up, and then $16/month after, which is for running your business, along with your 3 websites.  Even with those fees, you would still save over $150/year when you become a coach.  Plus, if you mention it to a few people, and end up making a sale or 2, that is money in your pocket.  When someone wants to know where to buy Shakeology in Canada, the answer could be from you!

Become One Of The First Team Beachbody Coaches In Canada

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