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Since Shakeology first came out, the question has been asked, “Is Shakeology Vegan?”  Up until February of 2012, the answer was no.  Thankfully, they finally introduced Vegan Shakeology.  Beachbody had actually been working on this product for several years, but refused to release it until they had it just right.  It is important to note that not all flavors of Shakeology are vegan.  So, which flavors are?

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Vegan Shakeology has revolutionized the way that many people think about nutrition.

The vegan lifestyle has been growing at a rapid rate for years, and many people feel that it is a truly healthy way to live.  The problem has been that they often struggle to find, not only enough protein, but the right protein.  There are 9 amino acids that the body required to function properly.  Foods that contain all of them are considered complete proteins.  For most people, meat and eggs are great ways to get complete proteins.  That is ntot an option for vegans though.  Thankfully, now they have Vegan Shakeology, which is an incredibly healthy, natural source of complete protein for vegans, and non-vegans alike.

How Does Vegan Shakeology Taste?


The truth is, there is a stereotype that tends to be attached to vegan food, and it is that most of them taste gross.  I used to work in a pizza shop that sold vegan pizza, and the cheese smelled, looked, and tasted, well, not good.  So what about the different Vegan Shakeology flavors?  Right now, my Shakeology drink of choice is the Tropical Strawberry.  This was Beachbody’s first vegan flavor, and it tastes GREAT!  In fact, I think that more non-vegans are drinking it than vegans, simply because of the taste.

Where Does Vegan Shakeology Get It’s Protein?

It is not easy to find high quality, complete vegan protein.  Most vegan friendly protein sources have only 1 or 2 of the 9 amino acids that your body needs.  So, how did Beachbody create Vegan Shakeology with such high quality protein?  This is where the 70 plus fruits, vegetables and herbs come in.  It is the advanced blend that incorporates pea protein, fermented sprouted brown rice, and more, giving each shake 16 grams of vegan friendly protein!  It is the fermented sprouted brown rice that really took the years of creation to the final development stage.  This incredible protein source allowed Beachbody to make healthier, better tasting shakes than they could before.  It was the breakthrough that finally made them happy enough with the product to release it.  This is a great testimonial to their dedication to quality.  They could have released a vegan version of Shakeology years ago.  They didn’t because they had not come up with a recipe that met their quality standards.  Now, they have succeeded, and Vegan Shakeology is here to stay.

Where To Order Vegan Shakeology

Since Shakeology is a Beachbody product, you need to order it from a Beachbody coach, like me.  Any of the banners that you see on this site will take you to the order page.  You can also learn more about the development of these shakes on The Vegan Shakeology PageIf you have seen enough on this page to know that you want to order now, simply

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