Fitness Myths Debunked

I find it mind blowing what people believe because.  Can you blame them though?  With so many people dishing out so much info, how do you know what is true?  Anybody can write anything online.  You don’t know them, their qualifications, anything about them.  Well, my name is Joe Malone.  I am New York State certified in Physical Education, and I am a Team Beachbody Coach.  I know a few things about fitness.  I am going to not just tell you something is true or not.  I’m going to tell you why.

Fitness Myth #1 – Running on a treadmill is easier on your knees than running on the road.

Treadmill RunningFALSE – The stress on the knees from running is caused by your body weight hitting the ground.  Both the road and a treadmill are very hard surfaces.  I know that some people say that running on a treadmill feels better on their knees.  For me, it actually feels worse.  How can either one of those be true if it is the same?  My personal belief, which I think makes a lot of sense, is that it has to do with technique.  You can run very different on a treadmill than you do on the road.  Instead of driving forward like you do running outside, some people do more of a jump when then run on treadmills.  They are simply skipping along as the belt moves past them.  Either way, if you want to reduce the strain on your knees, mix up your exercises.  Yes, running is great.  Try using an elliptical.  Try yoga, tai chi, or CLICK HERE to check out Beachbody’s fitness programs, such as P90X or Les Mills Pump.

Myth #2 – Crunches will burn off your belly fat.

FALSE – Crunches are a simple move that work a specific part of your abs.  They will help strengthen your abs, but they are not the secret to burning belly fat.  You can strengthen your abs all day, but you won’t see that 6 pack if it is covered in fat.  So, how do you get rid of the belly fat?  The key is a combination of cardio and strength training.  Oh yea, a healthy diet helps too!  By mixing up your workouts, you will reduce your overall body fat, which includes your belly.  Eating right will multiply your results.  A great way to get an incredible fitness program and get your nutrition under control is with a Beachbody Challenge Pack!

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Hello Everyone, Joe Malone here. I have a background in Physical Education and coaching, along with network marketing. My passion for helping people live happier, healthier lives. Using this fitness blog, I help people find ways to become more physically fit, and if they desire, financially fit too. Thanks to the incredible opportunities that come along with network marketing, I can help people partner with Team Beachbody, creators of the top selling fitness program in the world, P90X. Also, for people looking for an opportunity to grow with a new company, I help people partner with Body FX, a brand new fitness based company that is looking aggressively for distributors.

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