Fitness Myths Debunked

Myth #3 – Exercise machines are safer than free weights.

FALSE – While it is true that you are less likely to drop the weights on your foot using a machine, if the machine is not set specifically to fit you, you can seriously hurt yourself.  Most people sit down at a machine, do their sets, and move on.  They ignore all of the different adjustments on it, either because they don’t realize they are there, or they don’t know to change them.  BAD MOVE!  You may be putting your joints in positions that they really don’t want to be.  Personally, I am more of a fan of free weights.  It allows for greater range of motion, and you bring in more muscles to stabilize the weight.  A lot of the workouts that I do don’t even involve weights.  Insanity The Asylum is a great example of this.  The program will have you working harder then you may have ever worked before, but you are not using any weights.

Myth #4 – Women bulk up from lifting weights

FALSE – Women simply do not have the right hormones in their bodies to bulk up the way that men do.  The ones that you see in competitions are extreme examples, and are typically using steroids or hormone supplements.  The truth is that strength training is a great way to burn fat, and create tone, sexy muscles.  Les Mills pump is a great example of this.

When it comes to fitness, always pay attention to who you are listening to.  I once had a kid that I was coaching ask me how much protein he should be eating.  He told me that he was taking in 2 grams per pound that he weighed.  NO!  I asked him where he got that suggestion from.  He read it on a body building blog.  This was a kid that ran the 800 meter.  He was not a body builder, so why would he train like a body builder?  He shouldn’t.  Pay attention to where you are getting your information.

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