These days, there is so much confusion about what is good and bad, nobody seems to know what to do.  I am going to attempt to simplify nutrition here as much as possible.   Let’s go!

Nutrition Simplified! 

How is it that people can be vegetarian, which includes NO meat, and claim that it is the best diet?  At the same time, someone can be using the Paleo diet, which is mainly meat, and they also claim that it is the best diet.  Both can provide tons of testimonials, and even show scientific evidence that you become healthier eating what they eat.  How is that possible?  The answer is simple.  Both diets cut out the garbage!  Whether they are vegetarian or paleo, they are not eating the chemical filled, heavily process garbage that most of us are eating.  When you start to eliminate the junk, you will start to see results!

What Works With Nutrition?

Jack LaLanne once said, “If man made it, don’t eat it”!  In a perfect world, we would all be obeying that simple rule.  We would be eating organic everything, drinking lots of water, and obesity would not be at the epidemic levels that it is.  So, what should we be eating?

  • Unless you are vegan or vegetarian, lean meats, such as chicken, turkey and fish.  Red meat is good in moderation, but don’t make it your primary source of protein.
  • Eggs – The only argument people ever had against eggs was that they are bad for your cholesterol.  More and more studies are showing that they were way off, and that they do way more good than they do harm.
  • Whole Wheat – If you are a non- paleo, you are probably eating grains.  If the first ingredient is not whole wheat, keep on walking!
  • WATER – Water is your best friend.  Not only is it crucial to your survival, but it is the best thing for you to be drinking throughout the day.  Did you know that the number 1 reason that most people get tired in the middle of the day is dehydration?
  • Milk – I know that there are mixed feelings out there about milk.  The truth is, they have found no real evidence that it is in any way bad for you, but a ton of positive things.  If you are working out, drink milk after your workout!
  • Fruits and Vegetables!  When it comes to these, most people are slacking.  I would say that at least 95% of people out there DO NOT get enough fruits and vegetables in their diet.

A lot of people ask me, “If I could only take one  supplement, which one should I take?
Whether their goals is to lose weight, build muscle, increase energy, improve overall health, or even help with their diabetes, my answer is always the same. SHAKEOLOGY

What Doesn’t Work With Nutrition?

Here are the things to avoid when you head to the grocery store.

  • Soda – STAY AWAY!
  • White pastas and breads.  Again, if the first ingredient isn’t whole wheat, keep walking!  Do not fall for the “enriched wheat flour” trick.  It is not the same, so STAY AWAY.
  • Heavily processed meats.  Yes, eating hot dogs is a great way to spend a summer day.  Do not make it a habit though.
  • Anything heavily processed, or loaded with preservatives.  This includes most canned goods, boxed items, and 99% of candies. 

While Shakeology is my ultimate recommendation for nutrition, a lot of people like products such as vitamins, protein bars, and recovery drinks.

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