Vide Savoie

Vide Savoie

Meet Vide Savoie

Meet Vide Savoie – If you are not familiar with her yet, you will be!!

Residing in Scotia, NY, Vide works for a local gym. While she looks like she should be training people, she actually works the desk and daycare.  Recently, she has starting competing in figure competitions, and is off to an amazing start!  I had the opportunity to ask her some question, and see what motivates her.

My first question had to be, “What made you want to start working out”?  A few years ago, I was actually Vide’s track coach.  Like many high school girls, she wasn’t really big into working out.  What changed?

“I was definitely not crazy about working out back then.  My main reason for changing is my family.  I have seen a lot of diseases, such as diabetes and high blood pressure affect the ones that I love.  I want to stay healthy.  That is what pushes me.”

Diseases related to obesity are getting out of control.  More and more people are becoming diabetic, having heart problems, and shortening their lives simply because they either do not know how to take care of their body, or they decide not to.  A great way to turn your life around is by taking The Beachbody Challenge!  It will help you get both your exercise and nutrition on the right track, and help you get into the best shape of your life.

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As more people are starting to realize the importance of being fit, more and more of them are starting to compete.  I asked Vide what motivated her to start competing.  Here is what she had to say (I love this answer)!

“I wanted to start competing to show women of all ages, younger and older, that you don’t have to be skin and bones to look good.  I want to be a role model for younger girls to look up to, and older women to see that you can feel good about yourself when you have some muscle or meat on your bones.”

That is an awesome answer!  Many women think that they need to be walking around looking like runway models to look good.  Most guys I know agree with me that they just look sickly.  It is not healthy, nor does it look good to be walking around like that.  Vide Savoie is a great example of how a woman can look if she gets fit the right way, by working hard.

She continued talking about her competitions with this.  “When I compete, I don’t look at it as competition.  I think of it more as an accomplishment.  When you work hard for something, and then you achieve it, you feel great!

Have you ever heard the myth that women who lift weight will get big and bulky?  I can tell people what I think about it all day, but in the end, I’m a guy.  So, why not ask a women in the kind of shape that Vide is what she thinks about women lifting weight?

“If you’re a women or teen that thinks this, it’s simply not true. Women dont have enough testosterone to make them that big.  We just get toned.  Theres a big difference.  So, if you’re one of those women that think that then get it out of your head.  Weight lifting is excellent for you!  My boyfriend and I both work in a gym.  He is a personal trainer and he trains me.  He is my motivation.  I lift weights three times a week. My workouts are 45 min. max and on the off days I do no more than 20 minutes of cardio.”


Yes, women should lift weights!

<<< Well ladies, is this too big and bulky for you?  Of course not.  Weights are crucial to getting the body that most women want.  Also, as you get older, strength training is great way to fight osteoperosis.

More About Vide Savoie

Jumping into a new competition can be nerve racking.  Imagine that this competition means you are on stage in front of a ton of people in a bathing suite!  That has got to be tough.  So, Vide, give me the run down on how you started competing, and what it has been like.


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  1. Thank you for this awesome article on our daughter. She definitely has worked very hard to get to the point she is now. Videlia has trained for quite some time with her boyfriend and trainer,Anthony Puglisi, at Best Fitness and has treated her body right by eating healthy, exercising, training . I think that seeing family members with diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol ,rheumatoid arthritis,and suffering from migraines and headaches, has pushed her even more to be as healthy as she can possibly be which is fantastic and we are so so proud of her accomplishments! Vide loves feeling great and being healthy and I can say too that her weight lifting has not made her “bulky” just toned and in shape and she looks beautiful. Thank you again for an article well written and getting the message out there to other women. * Next to the photo of Videia laying down in her bikini it reads ,”More about VIDEO SAVOIE.” ;o)

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