Spice Up Your Nutrition

Are you one of those people that just LOVE hot peppers?  If not, you may want to become one after you read this.  Spicing up your diet with some of these small, colorful, flavorful peppers can have a big impact on your health, along with your athletic performance.

Chili peppers are known for packing a punch with your taste buds.  Did you know that they also pack a pretty sting nutritional punch?  These little things are loaded with a variety of vitamins and antioxidants, which help you recover faster, and even prevent ailments such as cancer and Alzheimer’s.  Sound good?  It gets better!  Capsaicin is the antioxidant found in peppers that give them their spice.  It also produces heat in the body.  We are not talking about anything crazy here, but that little kick that you get from it can help you burn an additional 10 to 50 calories per day.  Hey, every little bit helps, right?  Some studies have also shown that capsaicin acts as an appetite suppressant, which can help keep you feeling full longer.  That means less calories throughout the day, which means more weight loss than just the 10-50 calories are helping you lose.

Are you getting hungry for some spicy peppers yet?  Not yet?  Well, there are 2 more big benefits of adding some spice into your life.  For you diabetics out there, you will want to read this.  There have been studies that have shown that chili spiced meals can lower your insulin response, which can help improve your blood sugar levels.  You can also work on controlling your blood sugar levels by consuming low glycemic foods.  If you are trying to keep your blood sugar in check, I highly suggest checking out Shakeology.  It scores an incredible 24 on the glycemic index.  You can learn more about it by CLICKING HERE.

Last, but definitely not least (especially for you athletes out there), capsaicin is found in many of the muscle rubs out there.  It helps alleviate pain by stimulating nerve ending.  No, that does not mean that you should start rubbing chili peppers on your hurting muscles.  However, there has been research out there that has shown that consuming capsaicin (by eating peppers, not the muscle rubs), can help reduce muscle inflammation.

If you are looking for that little tweak that can make a big difference in your nutrition, maybe spicing up your diet a little is the way to go.  Again, I also suggest checking out Shakeology.  It is a blend of 70+ fruits and vegetables, is nutrient LOADED, and is even referred to by many as the healthiest meal of the day.


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