How To Fight The Flu

People always say that exercise helps you stay healthy.  Can it help prevent the flu though?  According to the Professor of Health and Exercise Science at Appalachian State University, David Nieman, YES!  “Moderate exercise helps boost immunity by increasing the movement of immune cells, which seek and destroy viruses and bacteria.”  The key word in that statement was moderate.  Research has shown that if you push too hard, mainly by dragging your workouts out for too long, you risk of catching something increases.

Whatever your workout method is, there are steps that you should take to help keep your body stong, and keep it in germ fighting mode.

    • Take a multivitamin, or some sort of supplement to ensure that you are getting the nutrition that your body needs.  My personal recommendation is Shakeology.  It is a blend of over 70 fruits, vegetables and herbs, it’s low calorie, certified low glycemic, and has been earned the nickname, “The Healthiest Meal of The Day.”
    • Be sure that you are getting enough sleep.  According to a study in the Archives of Internal Medicine, getting less than 7 hours of speel per night makes you 3 times more likely to catch a cold than someone who gets 8 hours or more.
    • Listen to your body, it knows more than you!  When you are whiped out, take it easy.  People become so fixated on not mixing a workout that they push their body when it needs rest.  This usually results in you getting sick, and missing more workouts than if you just took a day or 2 off when your body told you to.

  • Wash your hands.  I should not need to include this one, but I can not tell you how many times I see a person not wash their hands when they are leaving as public bathroom.  If they are not washing hands then, who knows when they are.  Wash your hands frequently, and make sure that you disinfect on a regular basis.  Don’t go crazy disinfecting everyday. but you should wipe down surfaces once a week or so.  Think about the things that you touch the most, like your keyboard, phone, door knobs, light switches, you desk, etc.
  • EXERCISE!  No matter what your fitness level is, I guarantee that Beachbody has a program that will work for you.  CLICK HERE, and take some time to look through the program.  If you can’t figure out which one is best for you, Contact Me and I will be happy to help you figure it out.
  •  Nutrition is super important to staying healthy.  Remember, you are what you eat.  If you are taking in junk, your body is going to run like junk.  Do your best to avoid high fat, high sugar, highly processed foods.  Eating your greens is CRUCIAL to fighting bacteria and viruses.  The easiest way to do this is with a Glass of Shakeology.

When it comes to your health, you can either be reactive, and respond after you are already sick, or be proactive to prevent even getting sick in the first place.  A proper balance of exercise and nutrition is one of the best things that you can do to stay healthy.  If you are serious about being healthy, and even getting into the best shape of your life, check out the Team Beachbody Challenge Packs!  Each one includes a Beachbody fitness program, along with a month supply of Shakeology.  There are many different packs to choose from, depending on which program you like, and what flavor of Shakeology you would like to try.  There are even vegan friendly flavors to choose from.


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