The 3 “C”s Of Variety

Have you ever heard the saying, “Variety is the spice of life”?  well, variety is also the way to get results.  Keep these 3 “C”s in mind, and get the most out of your workouts!

1 – Confusion – Our bodies do an incredible job of adapting to the demands that we place on them.  If you keep doing the same exercises, you will stop seeing results.  It is a pretty basic concept, and it works!  If you have ever tried P90X, you know!  It is all about muscle confusion!

2 – Create A Variety Of Workouts – A lot of people ask me what to do when the finish a fitness program.  “I have 2 weeks left of Les Mills Pump and I don’t want to stop working out, what do I do”?  Start to mix it up!  If you want to do another program,, great, give it a shot.  Why not start adding some more stuff though.  Start jogging, riding a bike, hiking, playing a sport, something new.  Have fun while you get in shape.

3 – Curiosity – Don’t be afraid to try new programs and styles of working out.  If you are strictly a cardio person, you are missing out not lifting weights.  If you only lift weights, try yoga or tai chi.  I used to go to the gym to lift and the track to run.  Those were my workouts.  Now, I don’t even have a gym membership because I workout at home, I do yoga once a week (Yoga X), and I do some parkour.  I am even thinking about ordering Tai Cheng, which is a Tai Chi/Qi Gong based program.

Mix it up, try new things, get into the best shape of your life.


Hello Everyone, Joe Malone here. I have a background in Physical Education and coaching, along with network marketing. My passion for helping people live happier, healthier lives. Using this fitness blog, I help people find ways to become more physically fit, and if they desire, financially fit too. Thanks to the incredible opportunities that come along with network marketing, I can help people partner with Team Beachbody, creators of the top selling fitness program in the world, P90X. Also, for people looking for an opportunity to grow with a new company, I help people partner with Body FX, a brand new fitness based company that is looking aggressively for distributors.

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