Insanity The Asylum

Insanity The Asylum is going to BLOW YOUR MIND!

This is the first program that Beachbody has created with the main focus of making YOU a better athlete!  If you are looking for a professional opinion on if The Asylum works, here it is!  I am a Certified Physical Education Teacher and track coach.  This program is the real deal.  I sweat like I have never sweat before during these workouts, and saw incredible improvements.  I even used a lot of the moves with the athletes that I was coaching, and they definitely saw the benefits.  I have used Insanity The Asylum, and I know what it can do for you.  However, I have a more reliable source to help show you.  If you are a soccer fan, you know how fast and agile goalies need to be.  They need to be able to react quickly, run fast, jump high, get up and do it again, FAST!  You will love this!

You just heard it from Hope Solo herself.  Insanity The Asylum will make you THE BEST athlete you can be!  This program is no joke.  You will be training like many of the top athletes from around the world.  Using very little equipment, all of which is included, you will get incredible, heart pumping workouts.  Stick with the program, and you will be running faster, jumping higher, more agile, improve your endurance, and be an overall better athlete.

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