The Importance Of Stretching

The Importance of Stretching

In my opinion, flexibility is the most overlooked aspect of fitness.  People are concerned with looking good, getting stronger, running faster, and losing weight.  What they do not realize is the important role that flexibility plays in every one of these areas.

Why Stretch?

The most common reason that people give me is to prevent injuries.  This is true, and it is a great reason.  By stretching, both before and after a workout, you will greatly decrease your risk of injury.  For this reason alone, it is simple to see how stretching can help you lose weight, build muscle, and accomplish all of your fitness goals.  If you are injured, how are you going to workout? Stretch, reduce your risk of injury, and achieve your goals!  This is assuming that you stretch properly.  Stretching improperly can actually result in your doing more harm than good.

Stretching To Get Stronger

Think about what stretching does. It increases your range of motion. If you have a greater range of motion, you can work your muscles more effectively. Every extra bit of movement works the muscle that much more. So, not only are you reducing the risk of injury, but you are also working your muscle more completely, resulting in increased strength, and great muscle development.

Stretching to Lose Weight

First of all, I will restate the obvious. Stretching reduces the risk of injury. If you are injured, it is harder to workout. If you can’t workout, it is harder to lose weight. OK, what else? Well, like I said in the section above, stretching increases range of movement. Let’s say that you are running to lose weight. If you increase your stride, you are moving the muscles more. More muscle movement equals more calories burned, which equals more weight lost. Also, stretching itself is a great way to burn calories. Have you ever done yoga? Try Yoga X!  That workout will have you dripping sweat, and feeling great!
Simply put, stretching is good for you! I also recommend Tai Cheng. It is a great workout program for everyone! It is based around the practices of Tai Chi and Qi Gong. It is low impact, will increase your flexibility, and will help your mind grow in incredible ways. When is the last time you saw a Tai Chi Master get stressed out?
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