Working Out On An Empty Stomach

Will I Burn More Calories If I Workout On An Empty Stomach?

This is a question that I get a lot.  The theory tends to be that by not having any food in your stomach, your body will target the fat that you have stored. Resulting in more weight lost.  Is there any truth to this theory?  There have been several studies done on this topic, and the answer remains the same.  The body burns roughly the same amount of fat, whether you have eaten anything that day or not.  BUT, working out on an empty stomach can cause certain negative effects.  Before we go on, I want to point out that these studies were not talking about eating immediately before a workout.  Eating out right before a workout can make you sluggish, and occasionally people will end up getting sick.  They are talking about eating earlier, such as when you wake up.  So, EAT BREAKFAST!

Negative Effects of Not Eating Before Working Out

  1. Eating on an empty stomach can lead to your body depleting glycogen, which can result in your body burning muscle for fuel.
  2. Food is energy!  If you have nothing in your system, chances are that you are not going to be able to work nearly as hard during your workout.  So, the end results will actually end up being that you burn less calories.
  3. When you finish a workout, your body needs nutrients (mainly protein), to start repairing your muscles.  While eating after the workout is CRUCIAL, your body can start repairing sooner if the nutrients are already in your body, and ready to be used.  It takes time for your body to break down food, and get the nutritional benefits from it.  So, be sure to eat breakfast in the morning, and be sure to eat as soon as you can after your workout!

I know that we are often short on time, and feel like we do not have time for breakfast.  Other people are not able to eat after a workout, for one reason or another.  The simple answer to fixing this problem is Shakeology.  It is a low calorie, nutrient packed shake, that will more than likely be the healthiest thing that you eat all day.  In fact, it has been called, “The healthiest meal of the day”, and for good reasons.  Over 70 fruits, vegetables and herbs, all blended into a great tasting shake.  What could be better?  If you are struggling with the nutritional aspect of your fitness, or if you just want to take it to the next level,



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