The Rep Effect

The Rep Effect is best known for being associated with Les Mills Body Pump.  This program has been in gyms since 1990, and, well, you can’t really argue with the numbers.

  • 14,000 Fitness Centers
  • 80 Countries
  • 3 Million People Take The Classes Each Week

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Why do so many people love Les Mills Body Pump?


The Rep Effect is the answer.  It delivers results!  Focusing on light weight and high repetitions, the rep effect is ideal for people that are looking to lose weight, and create long, lean, sexy muscles.

The fear that many women have with this technique is that since they are lifting weights, they will become bulky.  This is NOT true.  In order for a woman to become bulky, they would need to be lifting heavy weight, and doing less reps.  In order to get maximum results, you want to take it a step farther.  When you can implement The Rep Effect while also keeping your heart rate up, keeping your body in the fat burning zone, then you will get the best results.  You will burn more calories then either weight lifting or cardio alone, and you create the tone, sexy muscles that you are looking for.

There are 2 ways that you can truly take advantage of The Rep Effect.

  1. Take the Les Mills Body Pump classes.  They are available in fitness centers around the world.  The downside to that is that you need to pay a monthly gym membership, and the classes are only available at certain times.
  2. The alternative is Les Mills Pump.  This is the At Home version of Les Mills Body Pump.  Created by Les Mills and Team Beachbody (the creators of P90X, Insanity, Shakeology, P90X2, and more of the top fitness programs out there), this program includes everything that you need to get the same workout you would in the gym, but right in the comfort of your own home.

This is your opportunity to take full advantage of The Rep Effect, and do it in the comfort of your own home.  No more traveling to the gym, being stuck in an over-packed class, dealing with the weather, paying monthly membership fees, or working out in front of people that you are not comfortable working out in front of.  Take advantage of the rep effect at home with Les Mills Pump


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