Success Stories

Team Beachbody creates THOUSANDS of success stories EVERY SINGLE DAY. 


Will you be the next one?

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  1. What is this about? I am twitter friends with Joseph Malone and just decided to look him up. I am 80 lbs. over weight and Type 11 diabetic. I am sole supporting of myself and my son on minimum wage and can barely ever have enough food on the table. Mostly carbs because packaged foods are less expensive. I worry so terribly about living a long life….Can you tell me how much this costs? I have watched the video’s… very interested. I want to lose the weight so I can lose the Diabetes. It is effecting my eye sight now. I desperately need to do something fast. If it is a lot of money. Just forget replying. I am so sorry. I am on Facebook and your friend on twitter. Now I am babbling..haha!

    Priscilla Horn

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