Vegan Shakeology Discount

Vegan Shakeology Discount – If you are looking to get the newest addition to the Shakeology family, Tropical Vegan Shakeology, then you need to check out my Vegan Shakeology Discount!

It is not easy eating healthy.  Let’s face it, junk food is cheap, and healthy food is expensive.  Why is it then that people will often pay $4, $5, even $6 for a fancy coffee drink, but they refuse to pay less for the healthiest meal of the day.  You are looking at about $4 per day retail for Vegan Shakeology.  That is a perfectly fair price.  You are pauying less than you would for a latte, and you are getting the healthiest shake on the market.  The fat that you are looking into Vegan Shakeology shows that you are serious about your health, and for that reason, I want to offer you a Vegan Shakeology Discount.

The 25% Vegan Shakeology Discount

Vegan Shakeology DiscountWhile there is a 10% Vegan Shakeology Discount available, I figure you want to see the big one first.  So, here is how you can save 25% off your Vegan Shakeology.

Step 1 – Read How To Become A Beachbody Coach.  That will give you all of the details, but I will summarize it here.

When you become a coach with Team Beachbody, you receive a 25% discount on all fitness programs, (P90X, Insanity, Turbo Fire, P90X2, Les Mills Pump, etc) along with Shakeology.  People ask, “But why would I pay to become a coach if I am trying to save money”?  It’s a simple numbers game.  Even after you pay the $39 start up fee, and the $14.95 a month business fee (for your websites, back office, support system, etc), you are still saving about $150/year.

That is a pretty big Vegan Shakeology Discount!

If you want to receive the 25% Vegan Shakeology Discount, get started HERE

If you would like to check out the 10% Vegan Shakeology Discount, CLICK HERE

If you would like more details on how the discount works, Visit my Official Shakeology Discount Page

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