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When people research Shakeology, they find that it is a truly amazing product. There is no other product out there that rivals this nutrient packed, low calories super food blend. At first glance, I admit, the Shakeology Price seemed a little high to me. When you actually take a minute to break down what you are actually getting for the price, you will see that dollar for dollar, there is not better deal out there!

The Shakeology Price – How Much Is It?

First, let’s take a look at the retail Shakeology Price. If you order the full 30 day supply, it comes to about $4/day. If you order the individual packets, you only receive 24 servings, which makes it closer to $5/day. Why is it more for the individual packets. It is simply because it costs the company more to make a bunch of individual packets than it does to make one big bag. Unless you are a coach giving out samples, of you really need to bring the packets on the go, I suggest the 30 day supply to get the better Shakeology Price. Shakeology
I find it disturbing that people do not blink an eyelash when they pay $5 or more on a fancy drink from a coffee shop, but they hesitate when it comes to something that can literally change their life, and make them healthier than they have ever been. I am going to go over why Shakeology is the price that it is, and why it is worth every penny.
Why Is The Shakeology Price So Expensive?
I think that the best way to to explain this is with a visual. Here is a quick video about the Shakeology ingredients, and how unique and beneficial they are.

As you can see, Shakeology is not your ordinary nutritional supplement shake. There is a lot of work, and a lot of science
behind it, and no other product out there compares. By now, if you were asking your self if the
Shakeology Price is fair, hopefully you have realized that the answer is a
very strong YES!

Getting The Best Possible Shakeology Price

While even at $4/day, you are getting a great deal, there are a few ways to lower your Shakeology Price.
The 10% Shakeology Discount – The first way is by becoming a Beachbody VIP Member. Members get 10% off their Beachbody Products, including Shakeology! It is simply to sign up. Just head over to The Membership Page and sign up for the VIP account.
The 25% Shakeology Discount – This where you start saving big time. Anybody, whether you are a certified personal trainer or doctor, a couch potato that knows nothing about fitness, or you fall somewhere in between, can become a Team Beachbody Coach! As a coach, you are entitle to a 25% discount on your Beachbody purchases, which, you guessed it, includes Shakeology! You just went from $4/day to $3/day. What’s more, you can now make extra money by referring others to Shakeology, along with P90X, Insanity, TurboFire, and the other Beachbody products. To learn more about becomming a coach, check out the Become A Coach Page, or email me at

Shakeology and Home Direct

Potential To Make Your Shakeology Price $0!
Home Direct is where you set up your shipment to come a specific time every month. This gets you FREE Shipping, and helps you ensure that you will not run out. Now, Let me show you how you can make your Shakeology Price $0
Step 1 is to become a Team Beachbody Coach.
When you do that, you will drop your price down to $90/month, or $3/day. OK, that is great, but it gets better.
Step 2 to getting the best possible Shakeology Price. Now that you are a coach, you can promote Shakeology, along with the other Beachbody products. By doing so, you receive 25% for all of the sales. So, your goal is to refer Shakeology to 3 people. When you get 3 signed up on Home Direct, they are going to receive their order every month, and you are going to receive your 25% commission. That means that between those 3 orders, it just covered YOUR order for the month. That means that, while you still pay for your order, you will make it back in a check every month.
To get signed up as a coach, CLICK HERE
If you do not want to become a coach, but are ready to start transforming your body, and your health, order now! Shakeology

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