Shakeology Promo Code

Are you looking for Shakeology Promo Codes?  You have come to the right place!  I have good news for you, along with bad.  Which do you want first?

The Bad News – The Are NO Shakeology Promo Codes

Everyone searches for promo codes to sace money on Shakeology, along with P90X, Insanity, and pretty much all of Beachbody’s products.  The truth is, there are no codes.

The Good News……

There is a way to save, no Shakeology Promo Code Needed!  Beachbody does have several options as far as saving goes.

There may not be a Promo Code, but you can Get Shakeology Cheap!

The 10% Shakeology Discount

As the video explained, the first discount is the 10% discount for VIP Members.  The cost of the membership is about $12/month, which is what you save on Shakeology.  So, you are still paying the same amount each month, you are just adding in the benefits of the VIP membership, like the nutrition plans, personal coaching, and saving 10% on the fitness programs, and other Beachbody products.  To get signed up for your VIP membership, or if you just want to grab your FREE membership, CLICK HERE!

The Ultimate “Shakeology Promo Code”

Like I said before, there are no actual promo codes for Shakeology.  However, a 25% discount is available for Team Beachbody Coaches.  As I explained in the video, yes, there is a fee associated with being a coach (unless you are active military).  The discount far outweighs the cost though.  If you do nothing other than sign up as a coach and order your Shakeology each month (go on Home Direct to eliminate the shipping cost)., you will save over $150/year over what you would have paid retail.  That is factoring in the coaching fees.

You can get signed up simply by clicking the picture to the left.

Once you are a coach, you will start saving.  On top of that, if know anyone that is interested in Shakeology, you can simply refer them to the Shakeology site that Beachbody gives you, (Mine is and you will earn a generous commission each month that their Shakeology ships out!

I know that this can be a lot to take in.  Why couldn’t they just make it easy and have a Shakeology Promo Code that you could enter and save?  The answer is simple.  Beachbody is a business built on people and relationships.  By becoming a VIP Member or a coach, you are forming a closer relationship with the Beachbody team.  That results in you saving.  When you order from my site, you are starting a relationship with me.  I become your personal Team Beachbody Coach.  If you become a coach, you are joining my team.  if you just want to join to save on Shakeology, great, we will leave it at that.  if you want to join and start helping transform lives, and of course, making money, I will be there to help you succeed.

If you simply want to order Shakeology, that is easy.




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