Shakeology at GNC

Shakeology at GNC

Shakeology at GNC isn't an option, but you can order it here!

If you have ever done a Beachbody program, you have seen ads for Shakeology.  Most people want to just buy Shakeology at GNC.  The problem is that they don’t carry it, nor do any other stores.  There is a simple way to get it delivered right to your front door though, and even get free shipping.

The Easiest Way To Get Shakeology

Like I said, Shakeology at GNC is not an option.  By CLICKING HERE though, you can get Shakeology shipped directly to you.  Other than selecting your flavor, you have an important option.  You can select a one time order, which means that you are paying shipping.  The other option is to sign up on Beachbody’s Shakeology Home Direct.  This signed you up to have Shakeology shipped to you at the same time each month.  It keeps you from running out needing to scramble for more, and it gets you free shipping!  You can cancel HD at any time, so I suggest it to anyone looking to try Shakeology.  Even if GNC Shakeology was available, I would suggest this option for the ease of having it shipped right to you.

Better Than A Shakeology GNC Sale!

When GNC carries a product, you may find it on sale occasionally.  Do they ever give you the opportunity to make money off their products though?  Only if you work there!  There is a way for you to not only save 25% off Shakeology, but make great commissions promoting Shakeology, along with P90X, Insanity, and all of the other Beachbody programs.  If you live in The US or Canada, you can become a Team Beachbody Coach!  Here is a quick video that explains it.

Become a Team Beachbody CoachThis is a great way to make extra money.  Even better, you are making extra money while helping people get fit!  Beachbody coaches are not just about helping people look good in a bathing suit.  We are about helping people that struggle with their weight, diabetes, heart disease, low self esteem, and other problems related to obesity, and helping them turn their lives around.  Being a coach is a real opportunity to help make a difference.

If you are still just interested in shakes, remember that you can’t just go to GNC for Shakeology!  The only way to get it is to order it, and you can do that below.

Click Here For Shakeology Shipped To Your Door – It’s Not At GNC



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