Is Running on the Beach Good for You?

Girls_running_on_the_beachIf you are like most people, when you think about the beach, you are thinking about relaxing in the sun, swimming, and relaxing.  If you are one of us strange people that enjoy running, you may be thinking about running on the beach.  Is it a good idea though?

There are a variety of running surfaces that people run on.  Most people simply run on pavement, either in the road or n a sidewalk.  Some like to go to a track, which offers a little more cushion, making it easier on the joints.  What about the beach?  Are there any added benefits/disadvantages?  Yes………and yes.  Let’s start by looking at the pros.

Advantages to Running on the Beach.

For starters, you are going to get a lot better view than running through city streets, or doing circles around a track.  One the things that drives me crazy running on the streets is car exhaust.  You won’t get that on the beach.  In terms of results, a study that was recently published in The Journal of Experimental Biology recently gave us the answer.  Running in the sand requires 1.15 times the energy as running on a hard surface.  That means that you are not only giving your joints a break, enjoying fresh air, and taking in a great view, but you are also burning more calories!

Disadvantages of Running on the Beach

The big thing to watch out for is running on a beach that has a big slant.  Running on an uneven surface can be damaging to your hips, knees, and ankles.

I’d say the pros out way the cons on this one, so next time you are on vacation, don’t hesitate to get in a run on the beach (as long as it’s pretty level).

Have a nice day!

– Joe


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