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Enjoy Les Mills Music While You Workout At Home

Everybody that has taken one of the classes, you know that the Les Mills Music is a huge part of the workouts.   The right music gets you pumped, and keeps you motivated.  It helps you push through the workouts when you otherwise wouldn’t be able to.  So, where can you find Les Mills Music to use at home?  There are a few options.  My guess is that if you are looking for the music for home, chances are you are going to be working out at home.  If that is the case, I highly suggest checking out one of 2 programs.  Les Mills has partnered with Beachbody to create at home versions of 2 of their most popular classes.  Introducing Les Mills Pump and Les Mills Combat!

More than just getting the Les Mills Body Pump Music or the Les Mills Body Combat Music, you are getting the full class experience!  Both if these programs are run by Les Mills Certified trainers, and the music is incredible!

Let’s take a look at the 2 different programs, and what each has to offer.  If you like the classes at the gym, you are going to LOVE being able to do them right in your own home!

Les Mills Pump – Body Pump Music

What is it about the Body Pump classes that people love?  Is it the motivating, energetic trainers?  This program has them!  Is it the intensity?  This program comes with an incredible assortment of intense workouts!  Is it the music?  This program has music that will help push you through ANY workout!  Wait, it must be those awesome barbells, right?  This program even includes that!  It comes complete with the bar, weights, and clips!  So what is it missing?  The only things that are missing are the inconvenience of having to drive to the gym, needing to workout on their schedule, and hoping you get there before the class fills up!  So, if you are a fan of Les Mills Body Pump Music, check out Les Mills Pump.

Body Combat Music

If you like Les Mills Body Combat Music, you till LOVE Les Mills Combat!

Les Mills Body Combat Music

Les Mills Body Combat is world famous, and for good reasons.  It is fun, intense, and makes fat run the other direction.  If you have ever been in a class, you know what I am talking about.  Much like with Body Pump, the Les Mills Music used in Combat is energetic, motivating, and helps you push through the workouts.  Beachbody made sure to capture that same energy, motivation and drive when they created Combat, the Les Mills Body Combat DVD program.  Also, this program is SUPER CHEAP!  While P90X, Insanity, and many of Beachbody’s programs retail for $119.95, Combat starts at $59.85!

Get Your Les Mills Body Combat Music Here


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