Is Body By Vi Vegan Friendly

body by vi vs shakeology

Body By Vi May Not Be Vegan, But This Is!

Living the vegan lifestyle can be challenging.  It is not always easy to know what is vegan and what isn’t.  Is Body By Vi Vegan?  The answer is NO!  The shakes are vegetarian friendly, but that is not the same as vegan friendly.

if you are looking for a Vegan Shake, the best option is clearly Vegan Shakeology!  Unlike Body by Vi, these shales are vegan friendly, and LOADED with incredible nutrients.  A blend of over 70 fruits, vegetables, and herbs from around the world, these shakes are the gold standard, both in vegan and non vegan nutrition.

Why Isn’t Body By Vi Vegan?

The truth is, creating a vegan friendly, great tasting shake is no easy task.  Beachbody spent years figuring out how to do it.  Known for their standard of excellence, they did not simply throw something together and ship it out the door.  The amount of research, trials and testing that went into the creation of these Vegan Friendly Shakes is mind blowing.

So, the simple answer to the questions, “Is Body Vi Vegan” is NO!

The simple answer to that problem is Vegan Shakeology!

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