How Much Does Shakeology Cost Per Month

How much does Shakeology cost per month?  There are 3 different answers to that questions, depending on what you status is with Beachbody.

To keep the math simple, I will round to the nearest dollar.

Retail – The retail cost for Shakeology per month is $120.  Breaking it down, that comes to about $4/day, which is what many people spend on coffee or a latte.  If you are just looking to order Shakeology, and do not care about getting a discount, CLICK HERE to order.

The first discount available is for VIP Club Members.  They receive a 10% discount on Shakeology, along with the Beachbody programs.  So, how much does Shakeology cost per month for VIP members?  $108.  There is a small catch.  The VIP Club Membership costs $3/week, which comes to $12/month.  So, what you are saving on Shakeology, you are paying for the membership.  So, depending on how you want to look at it, you are either paying for the membership and saving $12 per month on Shakeology, or you are paying retail for Shakeology and getting the membership for free.  Either way, yuo are saving $12.  To get signed up for your VIP Beachbody Membership, CLICK HERE.

The biggest discount is reserved for Team Beachbody coaches.  They save 25% on all Beachbody programs, along with Shakeology.  That brings the Shakeology cost per month to $90, which saves you over $300/year.  Now, there is a cost associated with becoming a coach.  There is a $40 start up cost, followed by $15 a month to run your sites, back office, and coach support.  The GREAT news is that even after you facor in the coach fees, you still SAVE OVER $150 PER YEAR!  To learn more, visit the Become A Coach page.

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