Living Foods vs Dead Foods

healthy foodsImagine that every food item in your home had a label on it.  It was either labeled “Living Food” or “Dead Food”.  The living foods would help you live a healthier life, and the dead foods would harm, and potentially kill you.  Well, they aren’t labeled like that, but they might as well be.

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The late great Jack LeLanne once said, ” If man made it, don’t eat it”.  He was a wise man.  Companies take foods that are healthy and strip away the nutrients.  They add chemicals that harm, and even kill us.  They are more concerned with profit than delivering a quality product.  I am

  1. The #1 thing that you should be drinking is water. water To take it a step further, it should be filtered water.  I say filtered instead of bottled because bottles water is exactly what is says it is, bottled water.  They want you to think that is spring water, or from pure sources.  The truth is that the biggest bottled water companies out there are simply using filtered tap water, which comes from sources like the Chicago River.  Why would you pay more for that?  Get a filter of some sort (I use a pitcher filter), and save the fortune that you would spend on bottled water.  I say to purify it because tap water has literally thousands of chemicals in it, and is more harmful than the government wants you to think.
  2. When it comes to bread and pasta, if the first ingredient is not WHOLE WHEAT, don’t eat it!  Whole wheat is in whole wheatbold because they try to fool people with “enriched wheat”.  Here is a crash course in grain production.  Have you ever wondered we have white bread when it’s natural color is darker (think whole wheat).  Companies actually remove the nutrients from the grains when they process it.  This gives the bread a grayish color.  People wouldn’t likely buy gray bread, so they bleach it to make it white.  Why would they remove the good stuff?  Like I said before, companies are more concerned with profit then delivering a quality product.  They want bread that last longer, which white bread does.  But why would they take out the nutrients?  They actually sell the good stuff that they take out of the grain to health food companies!  What about enriched?  Have you ever noticed that enriched bread is white?  It goes through the same process as regular white bread, but they then add nutrients in, usually man made ones.  Nature knows what it is doing.  Man made nutrients are not nearly as effective as natures perfect recipe.  Again, STICK WITH WHOLE WHEAT!
  3. Stick with lean meats.  I always used to buy the cheaper cuts because, well, they are cheaper.  They I learned that most of the hormones and chemicals that the animals are subjected to are stored in their fat.  The hormones that they are injected with, the pesticides that are on the food they eat, all of it is typically stored in the fat.  So, if you do need to buy the fatty cut, be sure to trip the fat!
  4. If it’s canned, leave it alone.  I know that canned food can come in very handy.  After all, we will probably canned foodlife off of it for many years after the zombie apocalypse.  But for now, avoid it whenever you can.  Can foods are LOADED with preservatives, which are doing your body any good.
  5. If it’s fried, flee from it!  Fried food is harmful to your body in many ways.  Obviously it is high in calories, bad for your heart and blood vessels, and shoot your cholesterol through the roof.  Also, food loses a lot of it’s nutrients when it is fried.  Yes, it tastes good.  If you are serious about your health though, keep it to a minimum!
  6. Buy ShakeologyEat LOTS of fruits and vegetables.  You will never find a doctor, nutritionist, trainer, anybody (that knows what they are talking about) that does not recommend a lot of fruits and vegetables.  They are loaded with incredible amounts of nutrients.  Eat a variety of colors, and whenever possible, buy organic.  If you can not buy organic (I know, it’s more expensive), be sure to wash it very thoroughly.  You don’t want to be eating the pesticides that non organic fruits and vegetables are covered in.

I know that eating healthy can be a challenge.  The foods that taste the best seem to be the ones that are the worst for us.  The best way to stay motivated is to find your “why”, the reason that you want to live a healthier life.  I wrote a great article to help people find their motivation.

You can read it by CLICKING HERE.


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