How And Why Is Your Food Poisoned?

I’d like to say that it surprises me when I read a news article about poison in our foods, but it is sadly becoming normal.  This latest one (that I will explain below) really gets to me.  What gets to me even more is that it is aloud to happen.  The question is WHY?  We have the FDA, who is supposed to make sure that food that is being sold to us is NOT loaded with carcinogens.

So, here is where some people start thinking that I am either nuts or a conspiracy theorist, but this is actually reality.  Are you familiar with Monsanto?  If not, you should start familiarizing yourself with this company.  They not only have managed to take control of roughly 25% of the seeds used in agriculture, but they are the powerhouse company pushing GMOs forward.  “But Joe, GMOs aren’t bad for you.”  WRONG!  The study below will help you understand why they are HORRIBLE for you.  So, here is how it works.  Monsanto is making plants that can handle insane amounts of Roundup, which is sprayed on them to protect the plants.  However, that Roundup remains on the plants, and is also absorbed into the plants.  I’ll save my rant about how they have been shutting down farmers that won’t use their seeds for another day.  Anyways, Roundup is a carcinogen.  So, why is it allowed to be used if it is soaked into the plants?  Why isn’t the FDA doing something?  Simply put, Monsanto has TONS of people in the government.  Here is a great Venn Diagram from


Now let’s take a look at WHY GMOs are so bad, and how YOU are being poisoned.  Glyphosate, a chemical that numerous independent studies have linked to cancer, disrupting hormone function, causing reproductive problems, and early onset puberty.  When used on plants (Roundup), it makes it harder for the plant to absorb certain nutrients from the ground, which means you don’t get them when you eat the food.  Research shows that a level of 0.1 ppb is enough to begin causing harm.  Here is a list of the amounts found in many foods that you and your family are possibly (probably) consuming.


Those numbers are INSANE!  Why are they so high?  It is simple.  Monsanto is creating plants that are incredibly resilient to Roundup (which they own by the way).  By doing that, they can cover all of the crops with a ton of Roundup.  All of the Roundup covers, and soaks into the plants.  Those plants are then use to make the products above.  Basically, you are eating Roundup!

How to fix the problem.

The graph I shared earlier in this article is just a glimpse into the power that Monsanto has in the US government.  Based on that, it is pretty safe to say that we can’t count on the government to help us out.  However, YOU can do something.  STOP BUYING THESE PRODUCTS!  These companies are using Monsanto’s crops knowing that they are poison.  Why?  $$$$$.  If they start losing money because people stop buying their products, they will start using healthier ingredients.  Don’t believe me?  Why are fast food restaurants making healthier menus?  It’s because people demanded healthier options, and started eating where the healthier food was.

As consumers, we tend to underestimate out power.  These companies are out to make money.  If they stop doing that, they will change their products to correct the problem.  So, you can keep eating the products, and keep eating the Roundup, or you can decide that you have had enough poison in your food, and you are ready for healthier options.

Have a nice day

– Joe


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