P90X2 Nutrition

P90X2 Fuel Your Performance Nutrition Guide

Fuel Your Performance With The P90X2 Nutrition Guide

The P90X2 Fuel Your Performance Nutrition Guide is going to BLOW YOUR MIND!
Let’s start with my favorite part of it, which is that they implement the same belief as me.
That is that no specific “diet” out there, no matter how amazing they claim to be, will work for everyone. How many diet fads have you seen come and go, all claiming to be the answer to your prayers? Peoples bodies are different. They live different lifestyles. They need different foods, PERIOD!

Thing about the P90X2 Nutrition plan as a guide. It is all about options. They start by offering 3 different calorie options, 1800, 2400 and 3000. These 3 plans have been deemed; Fat Shredder 2.0, Energy Booster 2.0 and Endurance Maximizer 2.0. All 3 plans have a healthy balance or proteins, fats and carbs, and are designed to deliver results.
All in all, you will find 27 different sub-plans, including vegan and grain-free options.

Beachbody reached out to a number of chef’s, including Tony Horton’s personal chef, in order create the P90X2 nutrition plan. Thanks to the contributions from all of these chefs, you will find a large variety of breakfasts, lunches, dinners, snacks, and even Shakeology recipes.

You work hard, so why not feed your body what it need to get maximum results?  The P90X2 Nutrition guide is here to help.  Grab your copy and get into the best shape of your life!

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