Les Mills Pump Review

Les Mills Pump Review – Is This Program For Real?

Since 1990, Les Mill Body Pump has been growing in gyms                                                      around the world.  Currently, over 14,000 fitness centers offer the Body Pump classes, in 80 countries.  Now, Les Mills is ready to bring these classes to your home.  My Les Mills Pump Review is going to look at the workouts, the equipment that you receive with the program, and even review the music that you will following along with, since great music is one of the things the Body Pump classes are known for.

This program just went live December 22nd, so you can still be among the first to gain access to it.

After carefully researching which company to partner up with to create the “at home” version of Body Pump, Les Mills kept coming across the same company, Beachbody.  Creators of the hit workout programs; P90X, P90X2, Insanity, The Asylum, Turbo Jam, Turbo Fire, 10 Minute Trainer, and many more, they were the logical choice to go with.  So, how did they do?

Les Mills Pump Review – The Workouts

As with the Body Pump classes, Les Mills Pump is a barbell focused, up beat, fat blasting workout program.  Utilizing “The Rep Effect”, these workout will have you performing 70-100 repetitions per body part, for about 800 reps per workout.  A lot of women question the workouts, thinking that they will bulk up, since the workouts use weights.  This is simply not true.  These workouts focus on light weights and high reps, which is important for creating long, lean, sexy muscles.  When it comes to weight loss and toning, these workouts are designed to deliver results.

The At Home Body Pump WorkoutTHE PROOF – As always, Beachbody wanted to assure that the program they turned out would deliver results.  They had Chapman University do a clinical study, and what they found has people EXCITED!  Using the Les Mills Pump workouts, participants burned as many as 1,000 calories per workout, and CONTINUED to burn calories at a higher rate for 24 – 48 hours after the workout.  My Les Mills Pump Review of the workouts is nothing but positive.

Les Mills Pump Review – The Equipment

When doing the Body Pump workouts in the gym, people typically have access to several different sets of weights.  This is crucial to getting the most out of the workouts.  Les Mills and Beachbody decided to not only include weights in the program, but some pretty impressive weights.  The equipment that you receive with the program include;

  • The Barbell – This is the most advanced barbell I have ever seen.  It is light weight, padded to protect your shoulders, and even comes apart for easy storage and travel.  The bar literally comes apart into 2 pieces.
  • The Weights – The weights that are included are specifically designed to make them easy to use.  They have handle that allow you to use them as actual hand weights, and it makes it super easy to load them onto the bar.
  • The Speed Safety Clips – A big part of why Pump delivers results the way that it does is that it keeps you in the fat burning zone throughout the workout.  If you had to keep stopping for a minute or 2 to change the weights, you would lose the pump, and would not get the same results.  The barbell, clips and weight are all designed so that you can switch the weight in a matter of seconds.

Les Mills Pump Review – The Music

When Les Mills and Beachbody partnered up, Beachbody made a decision.  They decided to invest a large amount of money into the the music creation.  They could have used some old 70’s cardio style music, but the decided to deliver top quality, which they always do.  In Les Mills Pump, expect to here everything from Lady Gaga and Usher to up beat classic rock.  They went all out, making sure that there was something for everyone on these workouts.  The music is very important, as anybody who has done a Body Pump workout knows.  It keeps you energized and motivated, and is a big help in getting through the workouts.

Between the workouts, the equipment and the music, I have no choice but to make my Les Mills Pump Review an A+.  This program is up beat, energetic, and most importantly, effective!.  If you are looking for long, lean, sexy muscles, check out Les Mills Pump!

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