Les Mills Pump Discount

Les Mills Pump the at home version of the famous Body Pump class.  These classes are being taken by 3 Million people per week, in over 14,ooo fitness centers, and in 80 countries!  Now, you can get the same amazing workouts, burning as many as 1,000 calories per workout, in the comfort of your own home.

If you are reading this page, you probably already know what an amazing workout this is, you are just looking for a Les Mills Pump Discount.  How is 25% off?  OK, here are the details.

The following are the Les Mills Pump Discount numbers for the Base Package, which includes 7 workouts, barbell, weights, nutrition and fitness guides.

The retails price for Les Mills Pump is $165.85  While the program is easily worth that, especially with the unique bar that you can only get through Les Mills Pump.  You want to pay less though, right?

Les Mills Pump Discount #1 – The Club Discount – This is available to Team Beachbody VIP members.  This membership costs less than $3/week, gets you all sorts of incredible resources to help with your fitness journey, and also gets you Les Mills Pump at the discounted price of $149.27  To Become A VIP Member, Click Here

Les Mills Pump Discount #2 – The Coach Discount – Team Beachbody Coaches, as they do with all of the fitness programs, receive 25% off the At Home Body Pump workout!  $124.39 is what you pay, and you can of course market the program to make very generous commissions.  To become a Team Beachbody Coach, Click Here

If you are interested in The Les Mills Pump Deluxe Package, here are the discount numbers for the Deluxe Les Mills Pump Package.

The Les Mills Pump Deluxe Package retails for $315.85

Les Mills Pump Discount Deluxe #1 – The Club Discount – VIP Club Members can get the deluxe package for $275.27

Les Mills Pump Discount Deluxe #2 – The Coach Discount – The price for Team Beachbody coaches is $229.39.  That is a BIG DISCOUNT!


  1. HI, im interested in purchasing the Les mills pump program, however, as I am from Australia, they will not ship out due to the heavy weight. I was wondering if I could perhaps purchase it through you, I would pay the extra charge for the weight happily, PLEASE!!!!!.
    kind regards
    Munevver Akel

  2. Catherine Crane

    Hi, I’m in Australia and would like to purchase the Les Mills Pump DVDs but I don’t need the weights bar. Is there any way to purchase just the DVD’s?

    • Hey Catherine,
      Here is what I am able to do. If anybody orders retail in the US, the program comes to $196 USD with tax and shipping. It will be another $18 to ship the DVDs and books to you, totaling $214 ($203 AUD) I need to order the full program, but since you do not want it all I won’t charge you the whole thing. I can do it for $170 USD, which is $161 AUD. You would have to pay through paypal. If you are interested you can order I just made this page http://realfitnesswithjoe.com/les-mills-pump-australia/
      – Joe

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