CXWORX DVD – Get the 30 minute revolutionary core training, right in the comfort of your living room!  The CXWORX DVD will let you get the core that you want, and do it on your schedule, not your gym’s!

How Do I Get The CXWORX DVD?

CXWORXThe CXWORX DVD was created when Les Mills partnered with Team Beachbody. Both companies have incredible reputuations for creating quality fitness products. Les Mills has created effective workouts that gyms offer, and Team Beachbody has created the top at home fitness programs on the market, including the all new P90X2! They did not partner up with the intent of selling the CXWORX DVD. The point was to create Les Mills Pump, which is the at home version of Les Mills Body Pump. What they decided to do was create the CXWORX DVD, and give it as a bonus to people who ordered Les Mills Pump through a Team Beachbody Coach (like myself). So, in order to get the it, you need to order Les Mills Pump. Now, you are not just doing the CXWORX workouts at home, you have the entire Body Pump routine also!
To Check out the program, CLICK HERE


  1. I ordered the Les Mills pump a long time ago before they offered the CXWORX I am interested in purchasing the CXWORX and RPM if possible. Les Mills is an awesome workout for older people without having alot of jumping around

  2. Do you have any CXWORX dvd’s available on your site?

    • There is a CXWORX based workout DVD that they recently released. Click on any of the ads for Les Mills Pump. In there you will see a drop down section about ordering different packages. You should see an option to order just the CXWORX DVD. If you have any problems let me know.
      – Joe

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