Bender Ball Reviews

Bender Ball Reviews – Does this thing work, or is it just another over hyped piece of equipment that will end up in the next garage sale? Hopefully my Bender Ball Reviews will help you make the right choice.

Bender Ball Reviews – What Is It?

Free Beachbody Membership - DO NOT Buy The Bender BallThink of the Bender Ball as a mini exercise ball.  The claim to fame is that it allows you to greater range of motion in your abdominal exercises, resulting in up to 408% more effectiveness than regular crunches.

One of the biggest problems people come to me is that no matter how many crunches they do, they are not getting the abs that they want.  That is because if you keep doing to same exercise over and over, your body adapts, and you stop getting results from it.  You may get more out of the bender ball when it comes to your crunches, but you need more than that.  They know this, and that is why you need to pay very special attention when you order.

Bender Ball Reviews – What They Don’t Tell You

You may think that you are getting off cheap when you order The Bender Ball.
Yes, the product is very affordable, when you order it, right?  What they do not make very clear is that when you order it, you are also agreeing to pay for 2 additional DVD workouts each month, which they charge your $19.99 plus shipping for.  Your $20 purchase just ended up costing you over $300/year.  I have read other Bender Balls Reviews, and people have been able to cancel this when they see their first surprise bill by calling the customer service number.

I have researched many Bender Ball Reviews, trying to see if this product is worth ordering, and here are the key things that people have pointed out.

  1. They give very clear directions on how to perform the exercises with the ball, but do not give great detail on the frequency, intensity or time for the exercises.  The additional DVDs that you can get give more detail
  2. The Bender Ball Reviews agree that The Bender Ball is more effective than standard crunches.  That is a plus, but far from enough to convince me to buy it.

I am a certified Physical Education teacher, competitive athlete, and coach.  Based on the research that I have done, I do not suggest The Bender Ball.  Yes, it is more effective than regular crunches.  There are a lot of programs out there that are more effective than regular crunches.  Most people that buy products like this are looking to do more than just tone their abs a little.  They are looking to lose inches, and typically tone their abs, butt, thighs, and often their whole body.  The Bender Ball Reviews do not make any claims like that, because that is not what The Bender Ball is about.

The Good News

There are several programs out there that I suggest hands down over The Bender Ball, or any other piece of equipment.  These programs are both extremely effective for losing weight, and toning not just your abs, but your entire body.

Check out RevAbs and Hip Hop Abs

The Bender Ball Reviews are not terrible, but it is far from your best choice when it comes to getting the body that you want.



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    Wish to understand how to obtain six pack abs fast without doing millions of crunches?

  2. Doing ab workouts like reverse ab crunches are effective for working your abs but not so a lot for burning belly weight. You need to remove the layer of weight to be in a position to see your ab muscles, right.

    • Exactly. If you really want to get the best looking abs you can, you need to build the muscles with exercise, and get your nutrition on track to remove the fat covering them. One of, if not the best nutritional product that I have seen for living healthy, and losing weight, is Shakeology! Check it out at

  3. Consume 5-6 small meals a day time. By consuming small meals about every three hours your stomach fat will shrink making it a lot easier to see your abs. Just make sure they consist of wholesome, organic meals like lean meats, fruits, veggies, beans, and nuts. You can have about 3 cheat meals every week as lengthy as you remain loyal for your consuming routines.

  4. What happens right after you work out, exercise, and do some instruction with weights What happens is as you build muscle, its broken down, the muscle mass tears and you enter a recovery period right after your workout. This muscle mass building procedure is why the most important meal of the day is actually in truth your post-workout meal.

  5. When you adhere to the 6 ab muscles load up diet plan plan, you must limit your calorie intake to 1600 calories from fat per day time. You need to eat MUFA or monosaturated fatty acid and you have to eat each 4 hours simply because based on the diet plan strategy, this really is sufficient to get rid of stubborn fatty acids particularly within the midsection of your body.

  6. Start performing compound workouts. Mix up your movements by doing a lot more workouts that will really melt away weight all more than especially around your belly. Compound exercises like squats, chest presses, and chin ups are truly efficient for burning the stomach weight even though they do not target your abs directly.

  7. The very first week or two aren’t too bad. But then your favored food starts haunting you, or you decide to rest for any day time or two. Then, the following point you know, you’ve lost your direction and fell back again into old habits. Old routines that got you to where you required to get rid of pounds in the very first location.

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