Does Muscle Turn Into Fat If You Stop Working Out?

This is a question that I hear a lot, and it is one of the oldest fitness myths that I know.  The biggest group that I see scared of it is women.  They are often afraid that if they do strength training, when they stop, the muscles that they develop will turn to fat.

So, is it true of false?  What do YOU think?

OK, The Correct Answer Is……..

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OK, does your muscle turn into fat?  NO!  The truth is, muscle and fat are 2 completely different types of tissues.  Neither one can turn into the other.  Muscles can grow and shrink, and fat cells can grow and shrink.  They can not change into different tissues though.  Think about it like apples and oranges.  That is how different they are.  No matter what you do, and apple will never turn into an orange.  No matter how much muscle you have, it will NEVER turn into fat.

So why do so many people think that this happens?  It is really pretty simple.  If you stop working out, your muscle are naturally going to shrink.  At the same time, you are now burning less calories, which means that you are probably going to start putting on some fat.  Your muscles shrink, your fat grows, and that is why people think that the muscle is turning into fat.

So, if you are using this as an excuse to avoid strength training, you just lost it!  Now get to work!!!


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