How to Set New Year’s Resolutions

It’s that time of year again.  The ball will fall, we will count down, and we will set goals for the new year.  How many of your goals from last year did you reach?  While there are many reasons that people do not stick with their resolutions, one of the biggest ones is that they don’t said the right kind of goals.  Here are some examples of rly set goals.

  • I’m going to lose weight
  • I’m going to eat out less
  • I’m going to save more money
  • I’m going to be nicer

While those goals sound nice, they are not really measurable, and can easily be reasoned away.  For example, if your goal is simply to lose weight, you may justify over and over why you can eat unhealthy foods and not exercise, simply because you did not say how much weight you will lose, or when you will lose it by.  Eating out less?  How much less?  How much do you eat out now?  Save money?  I put a quarter in a jar, goal accomplished!  Being nicer?  I didn’t yell at the cashier when they screwed up my order!  Those are pretty sad examples of success.  Here is a better way to set your goals.

  1. First, I want to make it something that I can measure.  I am going to lose 15 lbs.
  2. Second, set a time frame.  I am going to lose 15 lbs by June 1st.
  3. Third, how are you going to do it?  I am going to lose 15 lbs by June 1st by completing a THE 21 DAY FIX, or another FITNESS PROGRAM.  You may say that you are going to lose 15 lbs by limiting your calories to X each day, or by running X distance per week.
  4. Ask yourself these questions.
    1. Is the goal realistic?
    2. Is the goal simple (not easy).  What do I mean by that?  Losing 15 pounds is not a complicated goal.  Saying that you will drop your body fat 2% while increasing muscle mass by 1″ in your arms and 2″ in your chest, all while taking 2 inches off your waste, that is a complicated goal.

Here are a few examples of my goals for the coming year.

  1. I will do 50,000 pushups by December 31st, with a minimum of 20,000 by June 30th.  I have created a chart (50,000 Pushups) to track my pushups.  There is also one for core exercises and squats.
  2. I am going to make $5,000 online by December 31st.  How?
    1. I am going to use my existing Beachbody Business
    2. I am going to increase Adsense revenue by creating 1 piece of content a day to increase traffic to ads.

Do you get it?  I’m making a realistic, measurable goal, and looking at how I will accomplish it.

Hopefully this helps.  Have a great day!

– Joe


Hello Everyone, Joe Malone here. I have a background in Physical Education and coaching, along with network marketing. My passion for helping people live happier, healthier lives. Using this fitness blog, I help people find ways to become more physically fit, and if they desire, financially fit too. Thanks to the incredible opportunities that come along with network marketing, I can help people partner with Team Beachbody, creators of the top selling fitness program in the world, P90X. Also, for people looking for an opportunity to grow with a new company, I help people partner with Body FX, a brand new fitness based company that is looking aggressively for distributors.

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