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Body Beast Reviews – Guys, are you serious about putting on mass?  Ladies, do you want to build lean, sexy muscles?  Then keep reading.  Get the facts about Beachbody’s Body Beast, and see if it is for you.  Hopefully, my Body Beast Review will help you decide whether this is the program that you are looking for or not.

Before we get started, here is a quick look at the official Body Beast trailer.


Body Beast ReviewsMy Body Beast Review – What Is Body Beast?

Team Beachbody is known for creating the best at home fitness program out there.  With Body Beast, that trend continues!  Beachbody partnered up with world class bodybuilder Sagi Kalev to create this incredible program.  Putting on mass is very difficult for many people.  While Beachbody is typically known for helping people lose weight, there are a lot of us (like me), that really want to get bigger.  I am not talking about fatter.  I am talking about really packing on lean, solid muscle mass!  Body Beast is the program to get you there!

Body Beast Reviews – How Much?

Body Beast is actually one of Beachbody’s lowest price programs.  CLICK HERE to check the price.  When they partnered with Sagi, they decided that they would deliver this product at an affordable price, and or course, over deliver on quality.  As with all Beachody programs, Body Beast comes with a 30 day money back guarantee.  So, if for whatever reason you do not like it, send it back, no questions asked!  I don’t think you’ll be doing that though, considering I am about 30 days into it, and I LOVE it!

My Experience – Body Beast Reviews 


I was one of those forunate to pre-order Body Beast, so I got to try it out before most people.  I really wanted that opportunity because I wanted to be able to give a solid review before the masses started ordering.  So, what have I found?  I reallized that I could get a much more intense weight training workout in my living room than I ever got going to the gym.  I have a background in fitness, and am a Certified Physical Education teacher.  I know what I am doing when it comes to fitness, but I also know that I still have a lot to learn.  I learned a lot from Sagi in Body Beast.  Every  time I try a new Neachbody program, I am introduced to a variety of moves that I have never seen.  With Body Beast, I was not only introduced to new moves, but new styles of sets to incorporate into my workouts.  I am feeling stronger by the day, and can’t wait for teh next days workout.  If you are looking to get stringer, and put on serious muscle, this program is a great way to do it right in the comfort of your living room.

I will be putting up some video Body Beast Reviews soon to show people the results that I am having.  Until then, you can CLICK HERE to order Body Beast, or stay in the loop by grabbing your FREE Team Beachbody Membership


  1. It would be great to see the price point for this new workout. Too include what extras you have to purchase…

    • They have not released any of that information about Body Beast yet. As soon as I know, I will be sure to update everything. Thanks for stopping by the site, and taking the time to comment.

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